English Premiere League is the most favorite football league in the world and in gambling online, most people choose Asian Handicap to play it.

The Reason Why People Love Betting Online with EPL and Handicap

If you talk about football, then you can get so many leagues around the world. Most countries in the world have their own football leagues. However, the most popular has to be English Premiere League. Many people play this game since there are so many major teams inside and the competition on this league is too tight. In betting online, people tend to choose Asian Handicap for EPL because there are so many bigger teams that lead the league and they have great skill.

Why EPL is Popular in Betting Online

There are so many major teams in English Premiere League such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. Those are the leaders of the league because they tend to have the consistent performance among other teams. However, the middle and also the bottom teams on the rank can make surprise sometimes and most of them have beaten several major teams once or more. No wonder that many people choose this league to do betting.

They can get many challenges to do betting online while enjoying the game as well since many gamblers are basically the big fans of football. That is why, many people choose to bet on this league though not all of them can win easily. There are also many betting types that can be applied on every match on this league. You can choose based on what you like and also based on your skill. However, most players choose Asian Handicap to play this game because it is considered to be the easiest.

Handicap or known as the goal line betting is something people love to play. Handicap is the number of goals’ forecast based on the expectation of stronger team to beat the weaker team. This bet will allow player to get the better odds from the favored team in any game. It is because the strong teams win often the majority of the matches. That is why, the odds of money line betting are usually high. Meanwhile, the handicap or goal line betting will make the odds closer to even so you can win.

How to Bet Handicap in EPL when Gambling Online

To make you understand this bet on Agen Bola Online, you need to learn from the example so you can apply and get the knowledge to do better. You can see the example from February 2019 when Arsenal met Bournemouth at home or The Emirates Stadium. For those who chose money line, they would bet on Arsenal to win the game. It means, the players would have put about $250 to win about $100 on the game with the odds of -250. However, if players thought Arsenal was the most favorite to dominate the the game, you should have taken the Gunners at -1 of the odds.

It means, Arsenal should win by two or more goals clearly. You could take the odds at much better to +105. Arsenal with -2 or they should win by three or more goals in the game paid about +250 and the return might be about $350 on the $100 of the bad. For bettors, it was not bad at all since you can get to feel the benefits for Handicap. However, if you thought that the underdog team could win the game, it was better to choose with money line instead of choosing goal line or handicap as the main bet.

Using the same reference above, if players thought that Bournemouth could get closer, then the players can get +195 of the odds for about +1 when Bournemouth could draw or win. If the players were so confident about the underdog, then they would bet on Bournemouth with -1 and it means, Bournemouth could win by two or more goals and they could get the payment about +1400 of the odds for $1500 of the return on $100 of the bet you have placed and this was not a bad bet as well.

However, though people play using Handicap, most of them will choose the favorite team to win when they play Handicap because it will make them relieve compared to when they try challenging themselves by choosing underdog team. Most of them will choose strong team because they will give them guarantee to win the match in bigger percentage than underdog. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t believe in surprise but choosing the big team in EPL using Handicap is safer than choosing the weaker one when do betting online.





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