Astor + Blue Editions (A+B) is an innovative “Digital First” publisher dedicated to producing the highest quality E-Books and Print Editions by leveraging the very latest in digital technology. But we don’t stop there. At A+B, we do not merely publish books, we E-launch them through a highly specialized, long term, proactive marketing program that features the best of traditional, mass and emerging media outreach. In short: We maximize each book’s readership and keep it alive indefinitely.“DIGITAL FIRST” PUBLISHING?

The Publishing world is not changing, it has changed. At A+B, we’ve embraced that change, and are constantly seeking out—and fearlessly trying—new ways to serve readers and authors in this new world. This is the essence of Digital First publishing.

Initially, Digital First Publishing (DFP) simply meant releasing a title’s alternative formats (like E-Books) first, even before its print counterpart. But DFP has grown into much more than that simple equation. It has become an overarching commitment to innovative new ways for books to be consumed by readers; a courageous pledge to utilize every format possible to bring Story to life and put Information to use—Digital Publishing. However, we are wholly committed to nurturing what we believe to be the heart of what makes publishing (and Literature) great: unique voices, wonderful writing, and meticulous editing—Classic Publisher.

Publishing is an Art that has a long and storied tradition. Yet thanks to the technological revolution (that we’re lucky enough be living through) it is in many ways brand new. In the world of publishing, there are still many undiscovered frontiers, and we invite you to take the journey and explore them with us. (If you’re already exploring, we ask you to allow us to accompany you). We hope you enjoy DFP’s contribution to your overall reading experience.

A+B is an exciting, innovative new publishing platform with several unique advantages. We invite you to consider us when bringing your next book to the world.


We offer the latest publishing technology from digital to print to audio, and ensure the highest qualityproduction in every format: This includes cover & layout designediting & proofreading, indexing, translation, electronic conversion, and even enhanced interactivity & digital app functionality (where appropriate) included at no extra charge to our signed authors.


Each A+B title receives full retail distribution—both online and brick & mortar retailers. This includes account management for marketing, warehousing, Offset Print and Print-on-Demand (POD) capability; as well as a dedicated sales team for sell in.


A+B boasts the highest royalty/revenue-sharing percentage offered to authors, with a “match and exceed” option for preferred agents.


In a sharp departure from its competitors, A+B offers a highly specialized, long term, proactive marketing program for each and every title it signs. A+B’s marketing operations rival those of the largest PR Firms in the country—much less other digital publishers—with expertise and quality contact lists in National TV, Radio, Print and Film media; as well as extensive Internet marketing expertise and resources, with a specialized social media component.

Where other publishers offer marketing “basics” (e.g. Search Engine Optimization and Metadata management), we offer the basics + the full package of so-called “enhanced” marketing techniques. And as always, we utilize all of our resources on a long term basis, at no extra fees to the author. This is something you simply will not find anywhere else.

If you feel A+B may be a fit for your next project, please do contact us to find out more.




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